USC Football: Top 10 Greatest Players in Trojans History

The USC Football all-time best players a complete roster. If you are a real fan of “Trojans” .Then must need to know about their records, mini bio, and heroic history. But before the beginning I would like to tell some important things. To all of my visitors about this greatest team. University of Southern California aka (USC) started their first NCAAF College Program season at (1888). Which was against the Alliance Athletic Club. Scores (16-0) and they got first victory. After that following year whole clan faced St. Vincent’s College. This time they won again. Game result (40-0).

In 1912 whole team named by “Trojans”. Before this they called by “Fighting Methodists” also “The Wesleyans”. During that time Methodists done their regular series with many teams. Who was Occidental, Caltech, Whittier, Pomona and Loyola. On November 4, 1905 Wesleyans went to Stanford University. Where the hero’s played their first match at outside of Southern California. Against West Coast powerhouse. But this period trampled by them (16–0). That was first time “Trojans” fighters defeat very badly. No matter soldiers are fail to achieve their victory. Because they believed failures are the pillars of success.

So keep continued to try again and again. As a result we are in this positions. Our team is now a member of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I FBS. Really a great honor for all retired soldiers, supports and freshman. So guys I hope you people like this short brief. Now we have to move on our main topic. Oh one more thing if someone interested. To watch USC football schedule, Live Streaming all games, scores, ranking, highlight, TV info. Or more then please hit the green button below.

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USC football top players roster

NCAAF USC Football

  1. Patrick Capper “Pat” Haden: Born in Westbury, New York January 23, Year 1953. High school name Bishop Amat (CA). Then shifted at (SC). When he was a kid struggle a lot. As a little lad worked at shoes store to get extra money for his family. But “Pat” highly interested at sports. When Patrick family moved on Southern California he attend at Bishop Amat Memorial (HS) La Puente. Form that moment our legendary hero started playing at quarterback position.
  1. Don Anthony “Tony” Boselli, Jr.: Grew up at Modesto, (CA). Attend at Boulder (CO) Fairview (HS). After got an athletic scholarship form (USC). Don began fight as an Offensive tackle of USC football players. Where Tony works only four years (1991-1994). On those years Anthony was a first-team All-Pac-10 also All-American in 1992, 1993, 1994. And achieved the Morris Trophy. 
  1. Anthony Davis: Birth place Huntsville, Texas, United States. In September 8, 1952. Current age 64. He also known as A.D. A “Running back” position soldier. Davis played in various league like WFL, CFL, NFL and USFL. Also attend at college football and baseball with (SC).
  1. Reginald Alfred Bush Jr.: Came from Spring Valley in San Diego County. In his whole carrier works with Trojans only three years (2003-2005). At that time Bush leaded by head coach Pete Carroll. To be a freshman “Reginald” gave very positive result by getting guide from leader. To see his carrying, catching, throwing and returning action coach was impressed. Then Alfred got Heisman Trophy and earn consensus All-American honors twice.
  1. Ronald Mandel Lott: Raise up at Albuquerque, New Mexico. When he was a lad start learning football by taking Coach Bill Christopher guide. To complete his graduations Lott shifted at (USC). Then joined own University team. On that season whole clan made some new records like 1978 national championship. 
  1. Charles Raymond White: Born in Los Angeles, (CA). Date January 22, Year 1958. Current age 59. A former member of professional American games. In childhood participated at many sports and earned lost of records. At school life White got Olympic Gold medal. In 1978 Raymond counted at USC football players list. Where Charles won many honor like UPI Player of the Year. W.J. Voit Memorial and Heisman Trophy, Maxwell, Walter Camp Award etc.
  1. Michael Anthony Muñoz: Grew up at Ontario. This guy didn’t build much carrier with Trojan games. He mostly works for (NFL). Fight for Cincinnati Bengals. Anthony is one of the greatest offensive linemen in NFL history. Have many records, honors, Trophy and many things. Michael also have another sports talent. Which is baseball.
  1. Matthew Stephen “Matt” Leinart: Retired American games soldier. He played at “quarterback” positions. But currently doing job at Fox Sports. As a studio analyst for NCAAF coverage. Matt build his five years college games carrier with USC Trojans football. This man mostly works with (NFL) teams. In his carrier he fight for various clan specially Houston Texans, Oakland Raiders, and Buffalo Bills.
  1. Marcus LeMarr Allen: Birth place at San Diego (CA). Date March 26, Year 1960. Allen recruited for fight as a defensive back. But the Mr. John Robinson (head coach) replaced him to tailback. This freshman did some outstanding performance that period. Marcus was a member of Trojans’ National Championship team. 
  1. Orenthal James “O. J.” Simpson: Also known by nickname “The Juice”. Multiple talented person. Former of American sports running back, broadcaster, actor, and convicted felon. Orenthal got his athletic scholarship award form the Southern California University. Where he guided one year by Coach John McKay.

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