Stanford Football: Top 10 Best Players in Cardinals History

Top 10 Stanford football all-time best players you must need to know. If you are a real fan of cardinals. Check out their short bio, secret tricks, records. Before the discussion. I think we need to know little bit about this team right. Here we go. Created in (1891) without any coach. After played few games Walter Camp lead whole clan from 1894 to 1895. Early in 1922 University contract a deal with Warner as a coach. At 1924 the guy joined there. When he start doing his work. Cardinals took a position in Pacific Coast Conference (PCC). That was the first big achievement of them.

But at this time Stanford is a member of the Pac-12 Conference’s North Division. Also NCAA Division I FBS level top rank academic institute. This clan reign in (NCAAF) sports form 126 years. But the greatest thing is. They never loss their position form top 50 rankings. On those years we lost our thousands of legendary heroes. We will not ever forget them. Because their tearless works is the secret reasons of our success. I think every freshman should respect and follow them. However guys we would like to tell you that. If somebody want to watch Stanford football schedule, scores, live streaming matches or anything. Please hit the button bellow.

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Stanford football greatest player’s roster

NCAA Stanford Football

  1. Glyn Curt Milburn: Born in February 19 Year 1971. A Running back / Return specialist Position player. Former at (AF). At December 10, 1995 Glyn maintain his (NFL) record for most all-purpose yards gained in a single Game. Very hardworking person. Achieved many honor including two time Pro Bowler in (1995, 1999) Also a first-team All-Pro in 1999.
  1. James David Lofton: Came from Fort Ord, California. Studied at George Washington High School in Los Angeles. In there he played for quarterback and safety positions. When James become a senior soldier of college games. Made many records like 57 catches for 1,010 yards, 14 touchdowns etc.
  1. Jeffrey Glenn Siemon: Birth place Rochester, Minnesota. Current age 66 (June 2, 1950). Grew up at Bakersfield. Graduated from Bakersfield high medium. For finished higher education he shifted at Cardinals University (1972). And then start his (NCAAF) carrier as linebacker. In very short period Jeffrey got Silver anniversary Dick Butkus award.
  1. Troy McHenry Walters: Came from Bloomington, Indiana. A Wide Receiver / Return specialist position fighter. Former at American college also professional sports. Troy attend in Stanford football players list since (1996 to 1999). Won the Fred Biletnikoff Award for best wide receiver. 
  1. Bob Lectress Whitfield, III: Have some teammates in childhood named Mark Tucker, Ed Lalau, and Marvin Pollard. He started building carrier by leading Dennis Green (head coach). To be a freshman give some incredible performance. Finally he prove himself in the NFL Draft. 
  1. Toby Gerhart: Born in Norco, California. Date March 28 Year 1987. Current age 29. He joined at college game for very short moment 2006 to 2009. A unanimous All-American. Toby high school performance attract many (NCAAF) programs. A grate remember able player.
  1. Ernest Alonzo Nevers: Grew up at Willow River, Minnesota. Works for United States Marine Corps. Battle in World War II. This man is an expert of several sports like basketball, baseball. In his carrier played for many teams. For his heroic actions coach Pop Warner comment about him “the player without a fault”.
  1. Jim Plunkett: Birth place San Jose, California. His parents are Mexican American. His mother (Carmen Blea) was blind. So father (William Gutierrez Plunkett) have to maintain three children and family. In 1969 William died by heart attack. During World War II they shifted at California. Jim have two sisters. To maintain whole family he worked at Richmond shipyards. After joined Stanford football players list Plunkett guided by head coach John Ralston. First the leader switch him to defensive end but Jim was adamant in remaining at quarterback. Too see his mind blowing Washington State leader “Jim Sweeney” said on him “The best (CF) player I’ve ever seen.”
  1. John Albert Elway Jr.: Former (AF) quarterback. Current age 56) June 28, 1960. Home town Port Angeles, Washington. He is current executive vice president of football operations. Also the famous (NFL) team Denver Broncos general manager. He done a lot for his University. Have many records, awards.
  1. Andrew Austen Luck: Played In Quarterback Position. Came from Washington, D.C. His father (Oliver Luck) is also a fighter at West Virginia University (NFL). He got the athletic scholarship from (SCU). When Andrew attend there for three years (2008-11). At that time he guided by leader “Jim Harbaugh” also “David Shaw’s”. 

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