Ohio State Football: Top 10 Incredible Players of All Time

NCAAF eight time national championships won University of Ohio State Football Top 10 best players in Buckeyes history.Now it’s time to watch Ohio football live streaming today match. Do you know their secrets formulas? And when the whole team needs some extraordinary supports. How they manage lots of critical situations at the game time. Why young lad, thousands of people always respect them. In this article, we are going to discuss our legendary heroes wiki, records, heroic victory reasons and much more. Another thing if someone interested to watch OSU college football Schedule, Live stream matches, time, playoffs, scores or more. Please don’t be hesitate to hit the button below.

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Ohio state football team top ranking players roster

Ohio State Football

  1. Archie Mason Griffin: Birth date August 21, Year (1954) Current age is (62). When he was a kind studied at Columbus (Ohio) Eastmoor High school. Mostly played for (AF) as a running back. Also, fight for seven seasons in NFL against Cincinnati Bengals team. Griffin hasn’t passed a long time in NCAAF. In his two year career, he won two-time Heisman Trophy with 4 Big Ten Conference titles. For this mind blowing performance, the head coach Woody Hayes told of Archie. This young guy is a legendary hero and Mason is the top player I have ever seen.
  1. Orlando Lamar Pace: Grew up at Sandusky. Very talented person. Two-sport athlete. In his childhood when he was at Sandusky High School. Had many records like All-America team offensive tackle, USA Today All-America team defensive player. As a freshman works for college game only two years (1994 to 1996). In this short time got the Outland Trophy and Lombardi Award.
  1. Victor Felix “Vic” Janowicz: Born in Elyria (Ohio State). Date: February 26, The year 1930. Studied in Holy Cross Elementary then graduated from Elyria High School. His position is Halfback. Built carrier with (NFL) for the Washington Redskins team. At 1976 Victor launched into the College Football (HOF). When he was a freshman win Heisman Trophy (1950). Janowicz coached said about him. This man is not only a great runner also a passed, blocker, placekicker, punter, cover safety in defense. A real talent and a huge threat for opposite team. But we lost our hero at his 66 years age. On February 27 (1996).
  1. Leslie Horvath: Played in Halfback, quarterback positions. Came from Croatian immigrants in South Bend, Indiana. The year of 1921 whole family shifted at Parma a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio State. Studied there until 11th grade after that switch the campus because he realizes basketball teammates don’t give any attention. So moved in James Ford Rhodes High School. Start playing as a quarterback.
  1. Edward Nathan George Jr.: Birth date September 24, Year (1973) Place Philadelphia. Current age (43). Graduated talented person. In his childhood studied at the Fork Union (VA) Military Academy Campus then complete an MBA from Northwestern Universities. This man is a professional AF soldier. Built his nine season career as a running back playing in (NFL) league. In 1095 joined Ohio State football and won the Heisman Trophy.
  1. Charles William “Chic” Harley: Played in Halfback, quarterback, end, kicker, punter, safety Positions. Came from Chicago, Illinois. When he was a freshman built career with East High School. In his freshman life, they have lost only one game. Very hard working man. Harley is the guy who first attends in The OSU football match for national attention. Had too many records. At the age of (79) Date April 21, (1974) our senior soldier died.
  1. Howard Albert “Hopalong” Cassady: Born in Columbus Ohio State. Month March 2, The year 1934. Current age (82). Attacking positions Halfback, split end. He was a professional man of National League fight as a running back. Cassady also has done seven matches for the Detroit Lions. Where he won the 1957 NFL Championship Game. After joining, the NCAAF won the Heisman Trophy (1955).
  1. John David “Jack” Tatum: Came from Cherryville, North Carolina. Raise up in Passaic, New Jersey. Fight as a safety in many clans especially Oakland Raiders, Houston Oilers (NFL) team. For his playing style known as a “The Assassin” Also popular for the preseason game. Heroic tackle against New England Patriots, wide receiver, Darryl Stingley (1978). At the aged of age (61) Jack died.
  1. Charles Christopher “Chris” Spielman: Former player of (AF). Currently, works for the Fox NFL as an analyst. Popular for Ohio state football When he was a kid studied at Washington High School in Massillon. Have many recodes in his whole career. Got awards like Pro Bowl, USA Today High School All-American, Lombardi, Chic Harley, Sam B. Nicola etc. In 2005 he led Columbus Destroyers. At October 11, (1965) we lost him.
  1. Troy James Smith: Birth date July 20, 1984. Current age (32). Formally attacking positions Quarterback. Also appeared in running back, tight end. In 2003 Smith fight for Buckeye as a redshirted freshman. On this match, he fights as running back, kick returner player. Very talented person. Got many awards like Heisman Trophy, Chic Harley, Walter Camp, Davey O’Brien. Archie Griffin, Associated Press Player of the Year award and much more.

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