LSU Football: Top 10 Greatest Players in Tigers History

Louisiana State University represents the LSU football best players of all time and now it’s time to watch LSU football live stream. Don’t miss to know their roster, mini bio, and game winning formulas. So guys in this article we are going to discuss LSU Tigers history. Not too many details actually just a little. Like how they began, first victory and loss, records this type of things and their greatest soldiers saga. Okay, here we go.

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Three time National Championships winner the Fighting Tigers started their First season at 1893. They fight with opponent team “Green Wave” well known by Tulane. At that time whole clan led with university professor Dr. Charles E. Coates. And the captain was Ruffin G. Pleasant. This guy played at quarterback positions. However, we can’t find that game news or result. But in 1894 Tigers achieved their NCAAF career first victory against Natchez Athletic Club. The score was (26-0). From that period our Louisiana State University got a lot of success by defeat many competitors.

But finally, the 1896 team performance shocked every fan. Won their first conference championship and got membership of Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association (SIAA). That was the first biggest achievement in Tigers history. So that’s it, guys. Now it’s time to explain about our legendary hero’s right? But one more thing if anyone wants to watch LSU football schedule, live streaming all matches, scores, the game today, highlights. Preview, playoffs or any information please hit the green button. I promise you will get everything whatever you want.

Top LSU football player roster

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  1. Warren Capone: Born in Baton Rouge. Date August 14, 1951. 65 years old. When he was a kid studied at Catholic High School. Warren also works at wrestling. And won 1970 Baton Rouge City Championships. After 1970 Capone got a scholarship from Louisiana State University. So he shifted and join their college football team.
  1. Alan Joseph Faneca: Came from New Orleans. Attended at Rosenberg (TX) Lamar Consolidated (Institute). Which was situate at Rosenberg, Texas. In his NCAAF career, he broke lots of soldier’s records earned All-America honors, trophy, awards or much more.
  1. LaRon Louis Landry: Have a nice family. Father name Frank mother Rhonda Landry. Also, have two siblings named Derik and Dawan. One of them played with Jacksonville Jaguars. Landry is a former soldier of American sports. Works for many NFL teams especially the Washington Redskins, New York Jets and Indianapolis Colts.
  1. Corey Jonas Webster: Birth place Vacherie. Month March 2, The year 1982. Currently 34 years old. This man also well at basketball in one word “two sports star” at once. In his whole career fight in various positions like quarterback, wide receiver also cornerback. After joined CFB Corey done some outstanding performance. For this reason, Jonas named as a 1st Team All-American two and 1st Team All-SEC selection 3 times.
  1. Marcus Raishon Spears: Grew up in Baton Rouge. High school name Baton Rouge (LA) Southern Lab. He keeps his name on LSU football player roster four years (2001-2004). At that period led by Coach Nick Saban. Marcus recruited as a tight end but next shifted at defensive line.
  1. Joshua Blake Reed: Came from Rayne. A Wide receiver position player. In his childhood reed at Rayne High School. At that period Joshua played for Rayne Mighty Wolves. When attending at Tigers Guided by two leaders named Gerry DiNardo and Nick Saban. He was one of the productive receivers in that clan history.
  1. Bertram Hays Jones: Former American sports soldier. Fight at the quarterback position. On his NFL career fight for several clans which is Baltimore Colts and Los Angeles Rams. When Bertram was in Ruston High School in Ruston, (LA). Get a nickname call “The Ruston Rifle”. Jones father is also a former player of Cleveland Browns (NFL).
  1. Kevin Troy Faulk: Born in Lafayette, (LA). Month June 5, The year 1976. Current age 40. In 1995 Kevin joined at LSU football team. As a freshman of that year, he prepared himself. Finally, on September 7, 1996, he shows his magical performance. The game was against “Houston Cougars”. At half time scored (34-14). To saw this condition lot of fans left stadium. They thought their clan defeat that match. But the second half was just unbelievable. Only because of our legendary hero “Faulk”. He was in a form that time. LSU won that game by one point (35-34). Funny thing Houston scored nothing in their second half.
  1. Glenn Jamon Dorsey: A Nose tackle position fighter. He attends Tigers clan only four years from (2004-2007). At that period loaded by two Coach named Nick Saban and Les Miles. At 2007 Dorsey shown his magical performance. This is the only one LSU football player who won 4 rear honor. Which are Bronko Nagurski, Outland, Lott (Trophy) and the Lombardi Award.
  1. Thomas Henry Casanova III: former fighter of the American game. Build own six season NFL career with Cincinnati Bengals. After joined Tigers Thomas perform at various positions which are running back, kick returner, and defensive back.

So my dear visitors hope everyone likes this post. About the best LSU football player of all time. If anyone wants to know more about them. Then I would recommend visiting their official site (LSU sports net) or ESPN. And you can watch LSU football live stream by using “watch live” green button. Thank you.